About Jeremy Schwartz

My goal is to help companies fundamentally change and improve how they design, communicate, collaborate and educate. By using cutting-edge visualization technologies to model rich and meaningful experiences, I can help the company I work for elevate the way it trains its workforce, communicates its brand message, sells it products or services and retains its customers.

My extensive experience covers interactive 3D technology development, production management and game content creation. I bring to the table over 20 years of managing 3D animation teams and production tool development (much of it in the video game industry), as well as content-creation studio operations for motion capture, Ultimatte, and audio/video post-production.  In addition, my background as a consumer technology analyst provides a strategic understanding of technology trends, usage and adoption.


  • Design and development of immersive, interactive experiences using real-time 3D game-engine technologies
  • CGI production management (modeling, rendering, animation, green-screen)
  • CGI pipeline and workflow design,  custom tool and interface scripting, plugin development
  • iPhone / iPad software development (including 3D visualization and augmented reality apps)
  • Technology research, evaluation and comparative analysis
  • Technology White Papers and research reports

Please take a look at the various sections of my portfolio covering CGI production, experience design, software development (including iPhone / iPad apps), and an in-depth look at some of the technical processes I've developed.